Blockland on Steam! 2013-12-16 13:03:21 (permalink)

Blockland is now available on ...Steam!

If you already own Blockland and want to have it on steam, you can transfer your Blockland key:Here.
You will still be able to use Blockland without steam if you want.

Bots! 2013-03-11 20:41:13 (permalink)

Blockland Bots The latest update for Blockland features bots!
  • Blockheads
  • Sharks
  • Horses
  • Zombies
There's also a new speed kart track that uses bots as hazards.

Bot Video

Blockland r1853 Post

SpeedKart Game Mode 2013-02-21 07:53:17 (permalink)

The popular community designed kart racing game mode is now an official part of Blockland. Just select the "SpeedKart" game mode after clicking "Start Game" and you're off to magical world of questionable physics and death-by-falling-into-water-and-exploding!

For more information, check out the dev forum:

Blockland r1808 Post

Sports Items 2012-11-20 17:01:56 (permalink)

Blockland Football The latest update for Blockland features sports items!
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Soccer ball
  • Dodgeball

Update info

Shader Update Released 2012-08-09 21:30:06 (permalink)

Blockland v21 The shader update is out.

When you run Blockland, the launcher should automatically download it.

To find out more, click here

Shader Update Preview 2012-08-04 23:59:20 (permalink)

There is a new update for Blockland coming soon that adds shader and shadow effects. This upgrade will be free for all Blockland users. The new graphical features will be optional, so don't worry if your computer isn't very powerful.

You can find out more information from these posts in the development forum:

Initial announcement post
Environmental controls preview

User Video 'Isar Tower Renovation' 2012-06-16 22:29:48 (permalink)

A 10x speed timelapse.

User Video 'Blockland City TimeLapse' 2012-03-08 21:50:24 (permalink)

Collaborative building in Blockland!

Christmas Update 2012-03-08 21:46:57 (permalink)

Lego game

It's beginning to look a tiny bit like Christmas.

We're decorating the tree. I think we've done enough for now, time to lie down.

User Video 'Tricycle' 2011-12-17 17:40:53 (permalink)

More Blockland machinima brilliance from Eksi.

Halloween Update 2011-12-17 17:36:11 (permalink)

Halloween update! Spice up your builds with pumpkins, gravestones and a creepy new skybox!

It's a free update for all members!

User Video 'The Nightmare Before Blockland' 2011-10-26 14:28:47 (permalink)

Check out this Nightmare Before Christmas themed animated short by Blockland user DarkStar.

Blockland v20 Released 2011-10-08 18:55:58 (permalink)

Blockland v20 Version 20 is out.

This version introduces a new launcher to make future updates easier.

Full Downloads:
Blockland Windows
Blockland Macintosh (dmg)
Blockland Macintosh (zip)

List of Changes

User Video 'Going to the Store (in Blockland)' 2011-09-27 20:45:25 (permalink)

Eksi creates a Blockland version of the modern classic "Going to the Store".

User Video 'The Blockland Show FPS X Treme' 2011-05-21 12:05:41 (permalink)

User 'Sir Herg1' reviews some deathmatch mods in Blockland. He has a bunch of other Blockland videos so be sure to check out his youtube channel.

User Video 'Super Mario Bros on a Synth' 2011-05-11 19:31:57 (permalink)

User 'Nexus' takes the event based synthesizer to the next level. All built in game!

User Created Trailer 2010-12-03 16:12:25 (permalink)

Check out this promotional video created by Blockland user Eksi!

User Video 'Building Smashing' 2010-11-08 20:38:44 (permalink)

Here's a neat little video by Smasher242 that shows off what you can do with the physics and event systems in Blockland.

Blockland v19 Released 2010-10-30 05:38:59 (permalink)

Blockland v18 Version 19 is out.

This should fix all issues with v18 and the high speed download system including the whole "not working at all on the macintosh" thing.

Full Downloads:
Blockland v19 Windows
Blockland v19 Macintosh (dmg)
Blockland v19 Macintosh (zip)

List of Changes

Blockland v18 Released 2010-10-28 14:50:44 (permalink)

Blockland v18 Version 18 is out.

This update should vastly improve most file download times when connecting to a server. There is also a new key item and checkpoint bricks.

Full Downloads:
Blockland v18 Windows
Blockland v18 Macintosh (dmg)
Blockland v18 Macintosh (zip)

List of Changes

User Video 'The Doors of Perception' 2010-10-25 16:19:07 (permalink)

Check out this machinima made in Blockland by DarkStar and Zenloth.

User Video 'BlockoMYST Interaction Part 1' 2010-10-18 12:28:49 (permalink)

Check out this elaborate re-creation of Myst in Blockland by Squideey and Eksi.

User Video 'Block Wars No Hope' 2010-10-11 12:39:34 (permalink)

Check out this Star Wars spoof made in Blockland by WRB852 and Swholli. The obligatory scrolling text is a little tedious but stick around, it's worth it.

User Video 'Blockland Physics Fun Time' 2010-10-04 21:38:20 (permalink)

Check out this Blockland video by Djy1991.

Blockland v17 Released 2010-09-25 12:08:10 (permalink)

Blockland v17 Wallpaper Version 17 is out.

Just bug fixes again.

Full Downloads:
Blockland v17 Windows
Blockland v17 Macintosh (dmg)
Blockland v17 Macintosh (zip)

List of Changes

Blockland v16 Released 2010-06-28 19:50:57 (permalink)

Blockland v16 Wallpaper Version 16 is out.

It's mainly just bug fixes and tweaks this time around.

Full Downloads:
Blockland v16 Windows
Blockland v16 Macintosh (dmg)
Blockland v16 Macintosh (zip)

List of Changes

Blockland v15 Released 2010-05-25 18:21:57 (permalink)

Blockland v15 Wallpaper Version 15 is out.
  • New website with server preview images
  • Large performance increase (~400% in large scenes)
  • A few new bricks
  • Bug fixes
Full Downloads:
Blockland v15 Windows
Blockland v15 Macintosh (dmg)
Blockland v15 Macintosh (zip)
List of Changes

Blockland v14 Released 2010-01-28 12:00:00 (permalink)

Blockland v14 WallpaperVersion 14 is out.

The main new feature is that port forwarding is no longer necessary for most people.

Enjoy hosting your own server.

Full Downloads:
Blockland v14 Windows
Blockland v14 Macintosh (dmg)
Blockland v14 Macintosh (zip)

List of Changes

Blockland v13 Released 2009-10-16 12:00:00 (permalink)

Blockland v13 WallpaperVersion 13 has been out for some time now.

In addition to the usual round of bug fixes, v13 adds the user-created Rowboat and Pirate Cannon vehicles as well as some new user-created maps.

There was a compatibility problem with OSX 10.6 for a while but it has been resolved. If you had problems simply re-download the game.

Full Downloads:
Blockland v13 Windows
Blockland v13 Macintosh (dmg)
Blockland v13 Macintosh (zip)

List of Changes

Amazon Payments 2009-07-30 12:00:00 (permalink)

Amazon Payments LogoBlockland now accepts payments through the Amazon payments system. is the worlds largest online retailer and accepts a wide variety of credit cards as well as electronic checks. PayPal payments are, of course, still accepted.

Check it out at the Store page.

Blockland v12 Explained 2009-06-07 12:00:00 (permalink)

There's been some confusion about the changes in v12 so I've written up a detailed explanation of the changes.

You can read it here.

Blockland v12 Released 2009-06-05 12:00:00 (permalink)

Version 12 is out on the auto-updater.

This update makes weapon, item and texture downloads optional so you can connect to servers faster. It also fixes some bugs and adds arch bricks.

Full Downloads:
Blockland v12 Windows
Blockland v12 Macintosh (dmg)
Blockland v12 Macintosh (zip)

List of Changes

Blockland v11 Released 2009-03-16 12:00:00 (permalink)

Version 11 is out on the auto-updater.

This update adds physics to blown up bricks, improves performance and fixes a number of bugs and exploits.

Full Downloads:
Blockland v11 Windows
Blockland v11 Macintosh (dmg)
Blockland v11 Macintosh (zip)

List of Changes

Blockland Physics Preview 2008-12-25 12:00:00 (permalink)

Merry Christmas!

No Version 11 is not out yet, but take a look at this sneak peak of the Physics effects coming in early 2009!

  • This is a client-side effect, which means it's nice and fast but you can't be killed by falling bricks or ride them around.
  • The effect is optional - if you have an old computer, you can turn it off.
  • The physics effects take over whenever a brick is blown up or "fakeKilled".
  • The bricks stay on the ground until they respawn.
  • The respawn time can be controlled in the minigame settings.
  • As usual, this will be a free update for anyone who owns Blockland.

Yes, this is old news if you frequent the forums or subscribe to the Blockland youtube channel, but I wanted to make sure everyone living under a rock gets to see this too.

Version 10 2008-10-07 12:00:00 (permalink)

Version 10 is out on the auto-updater.

This release fixes a number of bugs and beefs up the add-on naming regulations.

Full Downloads:
Blockland v10 Windows
Blockland v10 Macintosh (dmg)
Blockland v10 Macintosh (zip)

List of Changes

Help for the Hopeless 2008-10-06 12:00:00 (permalink)

I've created two tutorials to help you run Blockland:

Driver Updating - So you can run the game.
Port Forwarding - So you can host an internet game.

Version 9 2008-08-08 12:00:00 (permalink)

Version 9 is out on the auto-updater.

This is a big update so the automatic update happens in two steps. Do not be alarmed.

There are way too many changes to list, but here are the hilights:
  • Many many bugs fixed
  • Add-On system revamped
  • Wrench event system added
  • Tank vehicle
  • Extended tutorial

Full Downloads:
Blockland v9 Windows
Blockland v9 Macintosh

Note: The installer contains a mechanism for backing up old v8 add-ons but if you are a developer you may wish to back up your code manually first.

Version 8 2007-08-08 12:00:00 (permalink)

Version 8 is out on the auto-updater.

This patch fixes some crashing and connection issues and features a tweak to the particle emitters that makes them more useful.

As usual if the auto-updater does not work for you or you have a dedicated server, there is a manual patch available:
Download 7 to 8 Patch
Download ALL to 8 Patch
List of Changes

Version 7 2007-07-19 12:00:00 (permalink)

Version 7 is out on the auto-updater. Yes, the version numbering system has changed.

This patch fixes several issues including the lovely server crashing bug found earlier today.

As usual if the auto-updater does not work for you or you have a dedicated server, there is a manual patch available:
Download 1.03 to 7 Patch
List of Changes

Macintosh OSX Universal Binary 2007-07-03 12:00:00 (permalink)

Blockland for Macintosh is now available as a universal binary that runs on both PowerPC and Intel processors!

There are also some fixes to sound and keyboard input and a general speed boost, so it's a worthy download for anyone running on the Macintosh platform.

There are some known issues.

Download Blockland 1.031m OSX Universal Binary

Macintosh OSX Beta 2007-06-13 12:00:00 (permalink)

Blockland is now available for Macintosh OS X in beta form.

It currently only runs on Intel processors.

If you have already purchased a Blockland activation key for windows and wish to move over to the Mac version, you can do so without purchasing a new key.

There are some known issues, but if you find any new bugs please send them to:

Download Blockland 1.03 OSX Beta

1.03 Update 2007-06-02 12:00:00 (permalink)

Version 1.03 is out.

There are numerous fixes as well as a basic tutorial level.

List of Changes:
  • Standing on terrain no longer counts as a mid-air
  • Free cam can now look straight up and down
  • Added /clearVehicles admin command
  • Undo stack size increased to 512
  • Static shapes now block player names
  • Server browser is now color coded
  • Fixed console spam from volume sliders
  • Invert mouse while in vehicles option
  • Fixed horses occasionally taking off on their own accord
  • Fixed Jittery players caused by uncleared interpolation values
  • Fixed songfiles with non-alphanumeric characters breaking the music list
  • Fixed "bricks in the wrong place" error caused by scoping error
  • You can no longer recieve minigame invites while in a minigame
  • Fixed vehicles getting stuck on dead people
  • Fixed getting stuck while un-crouching.
  • Fixed pinetree hiding surfaces that it shouldn't
  • Fixed dropped items being detected as "not in minigame"
  • Fixed client timescale not setting properly when you join a server that is running at a modified timescale
  • Fixed permanent bans not saving
  • You can no longer paint burning vehicles
  • Vehicle explosions now burn dead people
  • Player's vehicles are now reset when they leave the server
  • Fixed GuiMLTextCtrl::ForceReflow console spam when using mission editor
  • Chat ban messages now include reason
  • Fixed not posting to the master server enough when running at low timescale
  • Fixed exploded bricks having collision in some cases
  • Fixed dead bricks not showing glow effect
  • Fixed Item respawn time not saving
  • Removed white borders around gui buttons
  • Fixed stack overflow error when destroying huge towers
  • You can no block people by planting a brick rapidly when you are not trusted
  • Public domain bricks are now disabled by default
  • Loading screen now displays "unknown map" screen if there is no suitable mission preview
  • Higher resolution snowflake texture
  • "Too Far" planting limitation now checks against brick edge instead of center
  • Improved randomness of default spawnpoint selection
  • Added meme faces
  • Fixed items not saving
  • Fixed avatar favorites getting mixed up when you add or remove face/chest textures
  • When a player is using a face/chest texture that you don't have, you will now see the default textures instead of the first texture alphabetically
  • Fixed crash involving TCPObject
  • Fixed negative brick count errors
  • Better handling of mmeshobjects.size() != numMeshColors error
  • Fixed jeep not running you over when you jump
  • Better finding of muzzle node if client and server weapon models do not match
  • 8 digit color codes are now removed from chat
  • Dropped items now fade out to the correct color instead of white
  • Models with opaque textures and color shift are now shaded properly
  • Fixed invisible player exploit
  • Clients will no longer send null chat messages to server

Changes that affect add-ons:
  • Fixed "removeWetEdges" causing waterblocks to disappear
  • Precipitation textures are now divided into 4 pieces instead of 16
  • SetNodeColor "ALL" now works in guiObjectView
  • You can now change surface tesselation on waterblocks that do not use depth mask
  • Trigger collision is now based on player's collision box rather than bounding box
  • Image stateEmitterNode's other than muzzlenode now work

The auto-updater should work for most people but if you have a dedicated server or can't auto-update for some reason, there is a manual patch available:
1.02 to 1.03

Don't Wait Up Kids 2007-02-10 12:00:00 (permalink)

Whoops it's not ready.

On the plus side, we've improved everything significantly in the past couple of weeks but that means that we have to make sure things are stable before releasing it. So we're gonna take two weeks or so to make sure everything is stable and throw in a few more good features.

Please cry on the forums

Release Date 2006-12-23 12:00:00 (permalink)

February 11, 2007

That is the estimated release date for the shiny new version of Blockland. It will be for sale right here on the internet for the low low price of $19.95.

As it is now the game is quite playable and fun, but I really want to take the time to tighten everything up and ensure a quality release. I also want to make sure that my ducks are all in a row legally.

Still Alive! 2006-07-17 12:00:00 (permalink)

I'm alive and working hard on Blockland. I realize that I don't give updates very often. Sorry about that, I'm not much of a blogger.

Things have been going fairly well in the land of blocks. I have been beta testing with a few people from the community and fixing bugs. We've generally been having a good time and building like mad:

Blockland Beta City 1 Blockland Beta City 2

There's also a screenshot thread on the forum here. Note: Copyrighted Lego material has been removed for legal reasons. I actually prefer the new style because it works better as a real-time scene.

My goal is to fix all of the problems that existed in v0002.
  • Complete avatar customization
  • Faster, more reliable master server.
  • Universal saving and loading of builds.
  • Faster brick rendering.
  • Faster loading.
  • Global name registration
  • Superior banning system
  • Jerk management (stop the smashers)
  • A system for adding and activating new game types
The items in green are done, the items in red are not. There are host of other improvements and fixes not listed here, but these are the big things. I don't know how long this will take to finish- the release date remains ""when it's done"".

Some of you may remember the old optimization picture.
Well here's a new one for ya.

New Website 2006-02-23 12:00:00 (permalink)

I decided to make the website look less like crap. I'm sure some of you will think that I have failed. Express your opinions on the forum and I will ban you and I will respond professionally.

And yes, I do realize the folly of making a curved website design for a game about blocks.

New Server Slash Forums 2005-10-15 12:00:00 (permalink)

Due to data loss and reliability problems with Brinkster, we've moved over to a new host.

The forums are back up here
If you registered within the past 3 months, you will have to re-register. Sorry.

TBM Exploit Details 2005-07-16 12:00:00 (permalink)

The details of the TBM exploit have been uncovered by Harold ""LabRat"" Brown of the Torque community.
For complete information, see this thread.

Basically, TBM detects AiO installations and compromises them so that anyone can connect to the compromised server and then proceed to upload and execute any script they want. There are a number of things a malevolent person could do to a compromised server including overwriting all of the script files, effectively removing the entire game.

If you have installed TBM at any point in the past, I am forced to recommend that you delete your Blockland directory and re-install the game.

Security Warning 2005-07-14 12:00:00 (permalink)

Do NOT use TBM

Rumors have surfaced recently that the makers of TBM have developed scripts that will damage a users Blockland directory if they attempt to use TBM code or models in a way that they don't approve of. I questioned Rob and MCP (aka Kier) of the TBM crew about this on IRC and they admitted to developing such a script. I questioned them separately about other hacking incidents involving TBM, which they both admitted to, but they tried to pin the blame on each other. These people cannot be trusted and their mod, TBM, should be considered a security risk.

MCP has shown a tendency towards spite, vengeance and hacker ethics. I recommend you delete TBM and its auto-updater immediately.

Blockland and Garage Games 2005-02-26 12:00:00 (permalink)

Big news: I've been talking to some folks at Garage Games and they seem pretty enthusiastic about making this game into a retail product. They've even offered to help me with content creation. This is an incredible opportunity for me and I simply can't pass it up.

Sadly, this means there will be no updates to the free version in the near future. But in the long run, this means you'll get a polished game with more features, improved interface, better performance and cross-platform support. Really, this is the best situation for all of us. The current version will remain online.

I have not yet had any negotiations with Lego. I am going to try to contact them. I would like to keep the Lego theme, but if we can't reach a deal then the game will be made with a different theme.

I have updated the FAQ.
Feel free head on over to the Forums and ask questions. If you're thinking about making a post, please try to remain realistic and avoid jumping to conclusions.

Forms Are Back 2005-02-25 12:00:00 (permalink)

The forums are back up.

Update: The forum email function was broken for a bit, but it should be fixed now.

Also the url for the site will soon be The old url will still work, though.

Self Extracting Exe 2005-02-24 12:00:00 (permalink)

For those of you who don't know what to do with a .rar file, the download is now a self-extracting exe. Complete directions can be found in the help section.

The next version 2005-02-23 12:00:00 (permalink)

For the next version I hope to have the following features:
  • Complete Avatar Custimization (every part a different color, etc)
  • Players spawn with hammer and spray can
  • More inventory slots
  • Jet pack particle effect
  • Death effect
  • Manual brick limit setting
  • Stop bricks from being placed inside environment geomertry
  • Require player to be at least somewhat near the bricks they are placing
  • Improve jetpack force
  • Optimize the bricks a little
  • Limit number of bricks a player can place in one second (just enough to stop server crashing scripts)
  • Ability to change the map through admin menu