1.03 Update 2007-06-02 12:00:00

Version 1.03 is out.

There are numerous fixes as well as a basic tutorial level.

List of Changes:
  • Standing on terrain no longer counts as a mid-air
  • Free cam can now look straight up and down
  • Added /clearVehicles admin command
  • Undo stack size increased to 512
  • Static shapes now block player names
  • Server browser is now color coded
  • Fixed console spam from volume sliders
  • Invert mouse while in vehicles option
  • Fixed horses occasionally taking off on their own accord
  • Fixed Jittery players caused by uncleared interpolation values
  • Fixed songfiles with non-alphanumeric characters breaking the music list
  • Fixed "bricks in the wrong place" error caused by scoping error
  • You can no longer recieve minigame invites while in a minigame
  • Fixed vehicles getting stuck on dead people
  • Fixed getting stuck while un-crouching.
  • Fixed pinetree hiding surfaces that it shouldn't
  • Fixed dropped items being detected as "not in minigame"
  • Fixed client timescale not setting properly when you join a server that is running at a modified timescale
  • Fixed permanent bans not saving
  • You can no longer paint burning vehicles
  • Vehicle explosions now burn dead people
  • Player's vehicles are now reset when they leave the server
  • Fixed GuiMLTextCtrl::ForceReflow console spam when using mission editor
  • Chat ban messages now include reason
  • Fixed not posting to the master server enough when running at low timescale
  • Fixed exploded bricks having collision in some cases
  • Fixed dead bricks not showing glow effect
  • Fixed Item respawn time not saving
  • Removed white borders around gui buttons
  • Fixed stack overflow error when destroying huge towers
  • You can no block people by planting a brick rapidly when you are not trusted
  • Public domain bricks are now disabled by default
  • Loading screen now displays "unknown map" screen if there is no suitable mission preview
  • Higher resolution snowflake texture
  • "Too Far" planting limitation now checks against brick edge instead of center
  • Improved randomness of default spawnpoint selection
  • Added meme faces
  • Fixed items not saving
  • Fixed avatar favorites getting mixed up when you add or remove face/chest textures
  • When a player is using a face/chest texture that you don't have, you will now see the default textures instead of the first texture alphabetically
  • Fixed crash involving TCPObject
  • Fixed negative brick count errors
  • Better handling of mmeshobjects.size() != numMeshColors error
  • Fixed jeep not running you over when you jump
  • Better finding of muzzle node if client and server weapon models do not match
  • 8 digit color codes are now removed from chat
  • Dropped items now fade out to the correct color instead of white
  • Models with opaque textures and color shift are now shaded properly
  • Fixed invisible player exploit
  • Clients will no longer send null chat messages to server

Changes that affect add-ons:
  • Fixed "removeWetEdges" causing waterblocks to disappear
  • Precipitation textures are now divided into 4 pieces instead of 16
  • SetNodeColor "ALL" now works in guiObjectView
  • You can now change surface tesselation on waterblocks that do not use depth mask
  • Trigger collision is now based on player's collision box rather than bounding box
  • Image stateEmitterNode's other than muzzlenode now work

The auto-updater should work for most people but if you have a dedicated server or can't auto-update for some reason, there is a manual patch available:
1.02 to 1.03