System Requirements

1. 800mhz cpu
2. 512mb ram
3. 32mb openGL compatible video card
4. Latest drivers for your video card
5. Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or higher; OSX 10.5 or higher

The game may run on a system with lower specs, but don't be surprised if it doesn't.


1. Download the self extracting .exe and run it.
2. Click "Install"
3. Wait
4. The game launches automatically when installation is finished

To run the game later, double click the "Blockland" Icon on your desktop

Playing the Game


You can see and reconfigure all the controls in the game through the options menu. You can get to the options menu in-game by pressing CTRL O thats "oh" the letter, not zero.
  • W,A,S,D: Move
  • Space: Jump
  • LShift: Crouch
  • Mouse: Aim
  • Left Click: Fire
  • Right Click: Jet Pack er.. jet feet
  • Tab: Toggle First/Third Person
  • LCtrl: Free Look
  • <Numbers above keyboard>: Use inventory slot
  • Ctrl + <Numbers above keyboard>: Drop inventory slot

  • Number Pad 7: Rotate Brick CCW
  • Number Pad 9: Rotate Brick CW
  • Number Pad 2,4,6,8: Move Brick Horizontally
  • Number Pad 5: Move Brick Down 1 Unit
  • Number Pad +: Move Brick Up 1 Unit
  • Number Pad 1: Move Brick Down 1/3 Unit
  • Number Pad 3: Move Brick Up 1/3 Unit
  • NumPad Enter: Plant Brick
  • NumPad 0: Cancel Brick

  • Ctrl O: Options Menu
  • Ctrl P: Take Screenshot
  • Ctrl K: Suicide
  • Ctrl A: Admininstrator Menu

How to Build

  1. Press F1
  2. Click on "3. How to build"
  3. Read

The Spray Can

The spray can lets you paint bricks (and other things) different colors.
Press E to change color column.
Use the mouse wheel to change colors within a column.
Use the left mouse button to spray.

The Hammer

The hammer lets you destroy bricks. You can only destroy bricks that are exposed completely on either the top or bottom side.

Press Q to get to the tools list then use the mouse wheel to switch between tools.

Getting Into the Game

Join a Server

The easiest way to play with other people is to join a server:

1. From the main menu click "Join Server..."
2. Click "Query Master"
3. Wait while the server info is downloaded. It could take several minutes.
4. Select a server from the list and click "Join Server"

Play Offline

You can play all by yourself:

1. From the main menu click "Start Mission..."
2. Select the mission you want to play
3. Click "Launch Mission"

Host a Server

This is a little more complicated.

- An example of how to run a dedicated server can be found in the dedicated.bat file
- Server configuration is controlled from the config/server/prefs.cs file
- You need to forward port 28000 if you are behind a firewall.

See the Port Forwarding tutorial for more help.